Monday, May 19, 2008

Why I'm not in Mali right now

Just wanted to show you a picture that explains very well why I am not in Mali right now and taking a little trip:

Not only are there incredible dust storms right now but it is also 110+F (46-47C) most days... as Kathy just told me - the glue bonding her cutting board just melted and it fell apart. Yeah - glad I'm just about anywhere but there right now during the hottest part of the hot season...

Monday, May 12, 2008

From Freetown, Sierra Leone

Hello from Freetown, Sierra Leone!!

I'm just posting a brief update to let you all know I'm safe and having a great trip so far.

I had a great time hiking and biking around Guinea - saw lots of spectacular waterfalls and hiked all over Guinea's equivalent to the Grand Canyon... beautiful! When I get back to Mali, I'll upload some of the many photos I took. Otherwise, we went down some of the worst roads I've ever been on in all my travels - which, after all my travels, is saying a lot! Coming into Sierra Leone we had a lot of luck getting to some very out of the way places and even made it to Outumba Natl. Park to, among other things, canoe down the river and see at least 10 hippos! That's all I have time for now but I'll put up full stories later when I get back to Mali in a few weeks!

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